Travelling with Mad Dog


You’re addicted to hot sauces. You can’t cope with the bottles of weak stuff they give you at restaurants (forcing you to constantly choose places that serve wings, just for the damn sauces). You need your fix.

So, naturally, the first question is whether you can travel with your Mad Dog.

The answer is yes. Even on planes.

Obviously, this is different than travelling with a rabid dog or even one that’s lost the plot. The first you can’t bring with you anywhere but the vet and we have no idea what’s best for the second.

But, your treasured Mad Dog hot sauce you can totally fly with.

We’ve got 1.7-ounce bottles of Mad Dog 357 Original Hot Sauce just to make life easier for you. (Incidentally, this also makes it easier for you to eat at restaurants where their idea of hot sauce is something with slightly more kick than ketchup.)

We suggest keeping the bottle sealed until you get on the plane at least. That’s a lot easier than swigging some Mad Dog hot sauce when questioned by some unknowing soul at airport security.

What about Mad Dog’s Pain on a Chain?

Here’s where things get a little tricky.

The Mad Dog 357 Pain on a Chain products are pepper powders that you can sprinkle on your food and can be easily transported in food grade capsules attached to your key ring.

They’re awesome for restaurants. And you can certainly fly with an unopened package in your carry on. Would we suggest packing that key ring with the Pain on a Chain powders before flying?

Absolutely not.

Just picture yourself in the line at airport security. Imagine the officer questioning you about what’s inside the capsule on your key ring.

Now pretend you have to have some in front of the guard or surrender your precious pepper powder before passing through.

Giving it up seems impossible. But swallowing a whack of super hot chili pepper powder? Hmmm.

It might be fine… as long as you can find your way through to a milkshake shop in a matter of minutes. But, as you’ll begin sweating (and possibly weeping), signs security associates with subversive behavior, this clearly isn’t your best bet.

Now, on a road trip…

Need some Mad Dog for your travels?

Pick up everything you need to get through your trip without the burden of bland food. While you’re at it; grab a second – just in case security gives you a hard time and you need to surrender your precious hot sauce.

Get Mad Dog flight-friendly bottles and portable Pain on a Chain here

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