The viral phenomenon of spicy food challenges


From crazy pets to cute kids and daring feats, you’ll find no shortage of viral videos out there. That’s likely led to an entirely new wave of spicy food challenges, some of which are completely over the top. Introduce YouTube into the mix and it seems people just can’t get enough of making, posting and viewing some of the craziest spicy food challenges around.

A quick online check is all you need to do to find them. Just type in spicy YouTube challenges and all kinds of crazy videos pop up. From the spicy hot wing challenge to the spicy ramen challenge, brave contestants are willing to do anything it takes to live up to the challenge. Just take a look at some of the crazy YouTube challenges out there using Mad Dog 357. People are willing to do whatever it takes to turn up the heat with some of the hottest hot sauce on the planet. Even celebrities are getting in on the game, put in the hot seat as they try to answer hot questions while trying out round after hotter round of hot sauce on the online web series, “Hot Ones”.

It’s so commonplace these days that the old spicy food challenges don’t even compete. The biggest audience doesn’t come at a festival, but rather with the YouTube phenomenon of making and posting viral videos. Of course you don’t have to go to the extreme when it comes to hot sauce, you can always just indulge in hot sauce at home. Grab a big cup of milk and prepare to take your taste buds to entirely new levels of hot. From very hot, hot sauce to out-of-this-world, scale topping super hot sauce, there’s a flavor out there for just about everyone when it comes to taking a spicy food challenge.

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