Summer Heat Demands Mad Dog Bites


It may not feel like I yet, but summer is on its way. (It’s a lot less daunting than when winter is coming, isn’t it?)

You might be booking tickets for a week in the sun or planning your annual camping trips or… whatever you’re doing, let’s be honest and say it’s thinking about all the brilliant summer fun you’re going to have.

And, if you’re tired of soups and stews and casseroles, it’s fair if you’re also thinking about food. (Over here at mad Dog HQ, we think about food a lot, like all the time. Wouldn’t you if you needed to figure out the best vehicles to get Mad Dog hot sauces to your mouth?)

So, let’s dive in and see what’s on the menu this summer

For sandwiches, we’re excited about:

And, we’ll probably need some hot dogs to go with our Mad Dog:

Of course, we’re not ruling out any of these beauties. In fact, we’ve been dreaming about them for weeks already.

On the side, it’s likely that we’ll need some fries:

All day, every day, we’ll be snacking on:

Out at the campsite, we’ll have:

At BBQs, we’ll serve salads and sides like:

That’s not to say we won’t be having the ribs, burgers, burgers, steaks and dogs. But, you already know that we’ll be marinating, slathering, drizzling and grilling with a variety of Mad Dog hot sauces all season long, right?

And, we have to say, that we just can’t escape this Fried Chicken with Crazy Burning Blueberry Honey recipe made with our Revenge Habanero and Pepper Extract. Maybe it’s the blueberries. Maybe it’s the heat with the heat. But we eat this in the car, at parties, at 3 in the morning on a Tuesday because summer drinking means you need it.

What are you eating this hot sauce season?

If you’re not sure, it’s probably a good idea to stock up on a variety of Mad Dog 357 hot sauces so you can make any damn thing you please and make it hot as hell too.

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