Saucy Sandwiches for Summer


Sandwiches drenched with heat and filled with all the best meats and cheeses you can imagine? Yes please!

And, we’ve got a few for you. In fact, we’ve got several. You might say we’re addicted. Once you give them a shot, you will too.

Take a look at our favorites.

Breakfast sandwiches

The best way to wake up? Any of these super saucy sandwiches. Yes, you’ll find they’re perfect for hangovers too.

Hot sandwiches

Need something to fill you up before your evening drinking session? Any of these will line your stomach and keep you full all night long.

Grilled cheese

More of a grilled cheese enthusiast? These fiery sandwiches will blow your mind (and possibly a hole in your mouth)!

Cold sandwiches

Headed out for a picnic? Just off to the office? Wrap your fingers around these and you’ll be singing (after you stop sweating, of course).


These are better than you’ll find on any menu and they’ll certainly feed a crowd. Don’t pass on these sizzling sliders… in fact, you may as well make them all at once… you’ll certainly scarf them down quick enough.

Need the perfect hot sauce for the perfect sandwich?

We’ve got you covered (as always). And you may as well pick up more than one; you’ll be making these sliders all summer long.

Get your sauce supply today

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