Getting out of the big bad city for some fresh air? Don’t forget to take your Mad Dog hot sauce with you on your hike. You’ll want it – and if you’re not normally a hiker – you’ll want it.

Hot Sauce Overcomes Hellish Hiking

Dreaming of the long lazy summer days ahead? You know what we mean: chilling in the backyard, beer in hand, the gentle hum of lawn mowers in the background.

Chips and Dip for Summer Days

If you live in a part of the country that gets snow – real snow, like the kind you curse every morning when you realize you have to walk through it to dig your car out of it – then you probably spend much of the year yearning for the hot, stupidly sweaty days of summer.

This is why hot sauce makes summer foods better

Summer is all about long nights and traditions: baseball games and hot dogs, fairs and fireworks. Okay, the list is a hell of a lot longer than that, but it would bore you to tears

Add Some Fire to Your Fireworks This Summer