This amazingly tasty recipe falls somewhere between a Midwestern chopped salad and a Mexican salsa, though the flavor is fully Mediterranean. On top of that, we’ve added plenty of Mad Dog Ghost Pepper hot sauce, making this a mélange you can’t escape. Serve it with chips. Pile it on a[…]

Scary Artichoke Salsa

Yeah, you can go buy rosemary chili oil. You can. But, before you rush off to the shops (or let’s be honest, wherever you’re ordering groceries from at the moment), take a moment to hear us out. We’re not talking about infusing olive oil with a couple of chili peppers.[…]

Infuse This! Rosemary and Chili Extract Oil

You know exactly how it goes. You’re wrapping up work (wherever and whatever that might be) and you’re hungry. You’re thinking about what you can eat quickly and easily that’s freaking delicious and doesn’t break the bank.

Supper Swiftly Sorted