On Fire: Hot Sauce Sales on the Rise


Guess which condiment is growing in popularity? If you’re a chili head already, there’s no guessing involved.

Not only are hot sauces getting popularity votes – the number is rising faster than any other condiment can boast. For real.

According to Euromonitor research firm, hot sauce sales grew by 23.6% in 2018. The next biggest contender fell in the soy sauce category (20.4%) and the bronze medal goes to ketchup (13%).

On the biggest loser side of the spectrum, mayonnaise sales fell by 5.1% and mustard lost 0.6% of its sales.

None of this is terribly surprising. Hot sauces are addictive (as you well know) and with diet trends ever on the shift, mayo often takes a hit.

Slightly more interesting is that 41% of hot sauce sales are made by smaller, independent manufacturers. Only 3% of ketchup sales fall into the small brand category. The rest, as you would imagine, are big labels with big marketing budgets.

And these same retailers (we don’t need to mention them by name, do we?) are doing what they can to make their mark on the hot sauce market; they’re buying out popular hot sauce brands, bringing in celebrities and attempting to develop their own sauces.

But, as the 2018 stats show, they’re not making the headway they want.

One reason could be the heat levels major condiment manufacturers are willing to play with; they’re simply not hot enough for real hot sauce lovers. Another possibility lies in authenticity. Real chili heads crave flavors that remind them of their travels or grow out of stories they understand and relate to.

And, of course, there’s the loyalty aspect. Studies show that hot sauce lovers add their favorite to their food several times a week (we’re pretty certain it’s closer to daily, erm, hourly) making it the most frequently used condiment on the market.

Whatever the reason, we’re glad to be a part of it and proud to make the hottest damn hot sauces on the planet. Clearly you’re just as happy to be a part of the sweet fire sweeping the country.

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