Making the Most of Irish Food


St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner – and whether your blood runs green or not, there’s a good chance you’re celebrating.

Why not? Between New Year’s and Easter, there just aren’t enough party days on the calendar. So, why not celebrate the Irish with a Guinness and a parade?

Irish Food Isn’t Known for Its Heat

It’s true; the Irish aren’t exactly known for having exciting cuisine. It’s usually bursting with cabbage and potatoes rather than its exoticism.

That’s all due to history and agriculture. But, you shouldn’t make the mistake of relegating Irish food to the past; it’s relatively easy to add excitement to Irish cuisine with Mad Dog hot sauces, as these twists will tell you:

Even the Irish Go Mad for Mad Dog

Have you seen how Ireland (yes, the entire nation) has flipped for chili peppers and hot sauces in the past couple of years?

The movement towards spicy food is as big as beating the New Zealand All Blacks at rugby. The latter really happened in the last year (much to the surprise of many), so the former shouldn’t take that much imagination.

Indeed, the reports of people lining up for reaper peppers should be enough to convince you.

While it may take some time for Irish pubs around the world to update their menus to reflect the shift towards spicier foods, we can see the change on the horizon and we like it.

Of course, you’re not going to worry about any of this on St. Patrick’s Day. You’re going to grab a Guinness (which is actually excellent at alleviating the burn that comes from the bite of a Mad Dog hot sauce) or two or three and enjoy the revelry at your closest Irish pub.

And that’s okay. If you’ve thought ahead; maybe you’ll have one of our amazing Mad Dog Irish recipes waiting for you at home.

Need some Mad Dog to make your Irish food stand out?

Hey, we totally get the need for heat – especially if you’re trying to enjoy potatoes and cabbage. Luckily, we’ve got your back. You can even order reaper peppers for delivery, which is way more fun than waiting in line for them. Get your Mad Dog today for a proper Irish celebration on St. Paddy’s

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