How to Make It through the Rest of Winter


Technically, we’ve passed the point where the days are getting shorter. They say that, but it really doesn’t feel like it as you drag yourself out of bed every morning.

Raise your hand if you’re tired of the cold or scraping ice off your windshield. Put it up if you’re not even interested in driving to work before the sun rises. Shake it around if you just can’t shake the winter blues.

Okay, so you didn’t put your hand up. But, it’s not because you don’t feel like that; it’s because you’re not trying to embarrass yourself in front of your coworkers.

We get it. And the winter blues too. And the end of January, beginning of February is perhaps the worst of the lot. The holidays are over and the day off is…. well, there’s President’s Day, but then there’s a drought until the middle of April.

It’s not even like you can manufacture your only holiday or vacation with your tax return, because this government shutdown might just last forever.

Enough complaining; let’s get you through the next few hours, weeks and months.

It starts with a fresh bottle of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce. (Doesn’t it always?) Pour a drop into your mouth. (We strongly suggest pouring it on a spoon first. You know; just in case.)

You’ll probably need to get up and pace like a madman (or worse), so you should probably forget all about that composure you had when you wouldn’t raise your hand. If anyone gives you grief, just offer them a dash of Mad Dog; they’ll either shut up or join you in your panicked search for milk or cheese or whatever the hell you can get your hands on to wash away the intense burn that appears to be spreading from your lips to your toes.

By now, things should be looking up. You’re no longer freezing your ass off and the fire has died down. What’s more, there should be a smile creeping to your mouth. You can fight it if you want (after all, the ills of winter can’t be erased that quickly, can they?).

What you’re experiencing is a chili high. And, it’s freaking awesome. Here’s why:

  • It’s legal.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • You’ll pass a drug test (even while you’re still high).
  • Watching other people suffer chili burn is funny.
  • It makes you strong.
  • Chili peppers and hot sauce are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

So, you can pretty much plan the rest of your winter around an almost constant cycle of Mad Dog Hot Sauce highs. It’ll make you warm. It’ll make you happy. And, now you’ll make it until the sun gets up before you do. Just about the only thing it can’t do is end the government shutdown.

Need some new Mad Dog?

If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest picking up a bottle of Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Hot Sauce. It’s hotter than hell happiness and perfect for getting through the rest of winter.

Buy your blues away now

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