How to host a grown up pool party this summer


Remember when you were a kid on a hot July day and all you wanted to do was head to the community pool where your friends were? They had diving boards and forced breaks and a concession stand selling all the best junk food.

And, whether or not you have a diving board or you force people to take breaks out of the pool, you can still throw the best pool party as long as you have junk food.

(Incidentally, we think forcing the kids out of the pool is probably good for them, and the adults that want to swim splash-free for a few minutes. But, that’s totally up to you.)

What sort of junk food?

You know, exactly what you ate at the community pool: nachos with creamy, spicy cheese and hot dogs covered in whatever toppings you could manage. Over at Mad Dog HQ, it appears we’re still obsessed with pool party foods, as we can stop with hotter than hell hot dogs and fiery nachos galore.

Yes, that’s the secret behind the grown up pool party – junk foods paired with the world’s hottest sauces (which, incidentally, is exactly what we do).

You should probably throw some beer into the mix, now that you’re all grown up, but we’re not telling you to drink and swim (or to drink at all). We actually take safety very seriously, but that’s because we spend all day around hot sauces and extracts so strong that we add disclaimers to them.

But, we think you’re the kind of human who can handle the responsibility of stupidly hot hot sauces, an IPA, summer junk food galore and some pool party fun.

So what will you start with?

Fiery Double Dog Grilled Cheese and Reaper Loaded Nachos? Or maybe it will be Reaper Nachos Mad (Hot) Dogs with Golden Chicken and Cheese Nachos.

The combinations are endless, hotter than hell, delicious and enough of a reason to plan a grown up pool party this summer – even if you have to do it at the community pool.

Need to crank up the heat?

Before your next pool party. Before tomorrow, actually, you may want to take a minute to stock up on the world’s hottest hot sauces. After all, you never know when you’ll suddenly find yourself desperate for junk food paired with the extreme heat you can only now fully enjoy.

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