Fire up the Grill! It’s BBQ Season


One day soon, you’ll wake up and it’ll finally be time… the first barbecue of the year.

The smell of the smoke and the feel of the fire calls to you, even now, beckoning you to leave work early and grab a bag of charcoal on the way home.

And with a little (or a lot of) Mad Dog hot sauce, you can make the first grill of the season one of the best.

Grab your gear and a few of these recipes and you’re all set.

Mad Dog Meaty Mains

Don’t make the mistake of grabbing a few burger patties and firing up the grill just for those; summer barbecues are so much more when you experiment.

Why not try:

And if you’re wondering what to do with those hot dogs you bought before you stumbled onto this page, we can totally help you out with that too. Check out this guide to every hot dog in a Mad Dog world.

Scorching Savory Sides

Meat may be the main event, but you can’t leave off the sides. Round off your plate with any of these scorchers and you won’t go wrong:

Need some fire for your fire?

Mad Dog hot sauces are the perfect accompaniment to damn near every dish on the menu. Order more today to make it through barbecue season without an emergency.

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