Oh yes, of course there’s a National Picnic Day – and it’s on April 23rd. You can, obviously, have a picnic whenever you like. You can also have one anywhere you like – whether you’re out hiking for the day or you just feel like spreading some blankets on the living room floor.

Go for Gold… or Just a Picnic

With baseball season around the corner, you’re probably craving a hot dog right about now. You know, all juicy and covered with all the yummiest toppings you can squeeze into a bun… and then to shovel into your mouth with your fingers because you couldn’t possibly waste a single morsel.

What to Do with Hot Dogs

We’re fast coming up on April which is – above all – National Grilled Cheese month. And, while it’s better to have a whole month of grilled cheese, no one is waiting for April to indulge. Not us anyhow. And, no one limits themselves to just grilled cheese, do they?[…]

Cheese, Glorious Cheese (and Plenty of Hot Sauce Too)

Whether you’re looking for a stellar New Year’s Eve buffet dish, or you just want something that’s decadently fiery and deep-fried, you’re going to fall in love with these egg rolls. No really, there’s no way you can’t love these. They’re basically buffalo wings packed into egg roll wrappers and[…]

Fiery Buffalo Wing Egg Rolls

This super-easy-to-make potato casserole is everything you’ve ever wanted – and, yet, it’s the chicken that convinced us to create this for National Chicken Month in September. We’re absolutely in love with the way everything comes together in the oven – and the way every single bite tastes. You might[…]

Liquid Fire Chicken Potato Casserole