Mad Dog Ranch Pasta Salad

Can’t wait to tuck into that bottle of Green Amigo hot sauce? We’ve got the perfect summer recipe for you. This pasta salad has the impeccable fire of your favorite mild hot sauce, yet it won’t scare (most) kids away. It’s perfect for entertaining or as a substantial lunch for[…]

Mad Dog’s Raunchy Ranch Pasta Salad

1 tomato chopped 1 small red onion chopped 3 ripe Avocados 8 tbs. Cilantro chopped 6 cloves fresh garlic 3 tbs. fresh lime juice 1 tsp. coarse Kosher salt 1 bottle Mad Dog Green Amigo or to taste. Add Mad Cat instead for more heat. Slice Avocados in half, discard[…]

Mad Dog Green Amigo Killer Guacamole