These aren’t your mama’s croquettes. We promise. They’re blazing with the heat of Mad Dog Silver Collector’s Edition Hot Sauce. What more could you want than some leftover mashed potatoes mixed with Mad Dog? We don’t know either. These will make about 12 croquettes, which is enough for a few[…]

Collector’s Croquettes

Blistering Baked Beans

Need a super easy side dish for the barbeque? These Blistering Baked Beans are sure to become an instant hit. They’re sort of like Southern beans but with a kick you can’t ignore. You’ll never just open a tin of beans again. Really! This recipe will serve anywhere between four[…]

Blistering Baked Beans

What’s not to like about this recipe? It’s got Mad Dog, bacon, and maple syrup. You can spread it on toast in the morning or serve it with cheese after a dinner party. It’s terrific with wine, beer, coffee, or even juice. And, it makes an incredible Christmas gift for[…]

Take Your Breath Away Bacon Jam

Mad Dog Chicken and Bacon Bites

Need some bite-sized bacon for your next party? Who can say no to that? Not us. This recipe is simple and stylish. It also has a Mad Dog bite like you wouldn’t believe. Add more hot sauce only if you really think you can handle the heat. Ingredients 2 each[…]

Mad Dog Zesty Chicken and Bacon Bites

You can always add a drop or two of Mad Dog 357  hot sauces to a prepared jar of relish, but this recipe is so much better. Not only do you get a chance to control the heat levels, you can taste the remarkable freshness of the cucumber. We’d go[…]

Mad Dog’s Fiery Pickle Relish