There was a massive sale on; that’s why you have so damn many hot dogs in the fridge, right? Well, whatever the reason, we’ve got one of the most awesome recipes in the world to help you get through them.

Chili Cheesy Hot Dog Hash Brown Bake

We know this is a little kooky – and that you’ll probably have to post a guard by these Halloween party snacks so that kids don’t dive into them. (You really do need to stop them from eating them, even a few drops of our Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector’s[…]

Monster Eyeball Pizzas

This is the easiest way to cook over a campfire. Just throw a bunch of meat and veggies into foil, top with some ultra-fiery Mad Dog hot sauce, wrap and you’re done. Well, except for the cooking part. Even that’s easy; you just need to set these packs on a[…]

Silver Hobo (Campfire) Packs

Memorial Day is pretty much code for cooking outdoors with friends and family and this simple recipe which serves six is the way to get the party started. We’d like to say it’s because of your grill. Or maybe because you’ve chosen simple, fresh vegetables to accompany the meat. But,[…]

Grilled Sausage with Fiery Peppers and Onions

Turkey, Cranberry and Fontina Silver Panini

There is no reason not to fall in love with this sandwich. Besides the oozy, silly delicious fontina, it has the bite of a Mad Dog mixed with the tang of leftover cranberry relish (or maybe you call it cranberry dressing… it all depends on where you live, doesn’t it).[…]

Turkey, Cranberry and Fontina Silver Panini