This elegant vegetable dish will truly find itself at home on any holiday or feast table. Not only does it look the part, but it’s bursting with a flavor that you won’t soon escape. And, that’s before we even mention the sting from the scorpion we’ve tucked inside this dish.[…]

Scorpion Stuffed Eggplants

Did you know there’s a National Greasy Food Day? Yep, it’s on the 25th of October – and we think this might be one of the best ways to feel good about greasy food on this… or any other day. The recipe serves 4 easily as a snack or as[…]

Chicken Fried Steak Fingers with Scorpion Mustard Sauce

It’s time for hot dogs to get a new twist. Maybe we should call it a new sting as that’s exactly what you’ll get from all the Scorpion in here. Yep, there’s plenty of bite in every bite and that’s how we like it. Plus, this recipe for four is[…]

Scorpion Scorching Hot Dogs