Oh yes, of course there’s a National Picnic Day – and it’s on April 23rd. You can, obviously, have a picnic whenever you like. You can also have one anywhere you like – whether you’re out hiking for the day or you just feel like spreading some blankets on the living room floor.

Go for Gold… or Just a Picnic

We’re fast coming up on April which is – above all – National Grilled Cheese month. And, while it’s better to have a whole month of grilled cheese, no one is waiting for April to indulge. Not us anyhow. And, no one limits themselves to just grilled cheese, do they?[…]

Cheese, Glorious Cheese (and Plenty of Hot Sauce Too)

We’ve got eleven killer meatball recipes that make the most of our Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauces, Peppers and Extracts. This National Meatball Day (on the 9th of March), maybe it’s time you met a few of them.

National Meatball Day? Yes Please

Holy wow, this is about as incredible as it gets. Really, this is refried beans done right. Between the Mad Dog 357 Revenge Habanero & Chile Extract and the chorizo, you should already be licking your lips. Seriously, it’s that good. Plus, it’s also easy to throw together and makes[…]

Revenge Refried Beans

If you ever wanted a breakfast pizza, you’re in the right place. We whipped this one up for National Greasy Food Day on October 25th, but you’ll probably turn to it whenever you have a hangover… or just because. The recipe could serve 2-4 people, though we’d err on the[…]

Revenge Habanero & Chile Breakfast Pizza