Holy wow, this is about as incredible as it gets. Really, this is refried beans done right. Between the Mad Dog 357 Revenge Habanero & Chile Extract and the chorizo, you should already be licking your lips. Seriously, it’s that good. Plus, it’s also easy to throw together and makes[…]

Revenge Refried Beans

If you ever wanted a breakfast pizza, you’re in the right place. We whipped this one up for National Greasy Food Day on October 25th, but you’ll probably turn to it whenever you have a hangover… or just because. The recipe could serve 2-4 people, though we’d err on the[…]

Revenge Habanero & Chile Breakfast Pizza

You know that moment on a road trip where you want to pull over in a picturesque location and have a fried chicken picnic? Okay, if that’s never happened to you, you can bet it’s going to from here on out. And this is precisely the recipe you need to[…]

Fried Chicken with Crazy Burning Blueberry Honey

If you’re going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you’re going to need some Tequila and these shrimp burritos. And, when we say need, don’t think of it as a suggestion. It’s much closer to a command. The way our Mad Dog Revenge Extract blends with both the shrimp during the[…]

Revenge Shrimp Burritos with Burning Avo Crema

Slow Revenge Beef Stew

Got a long day of post-holiday organizing ahead of you? How about a little overtime to get ahead so you can take an extra leave day when it counts? This time of the year is filled with such long hours – and there’s nothing better than coming home to a[…]

Slow Revenge Beef Stew