Of course there is a National Panini Month (it’s August, by the way) – why wouldn’t there be? And it’s one of the best reasons to pull out that old sandwich press or panini maker and create some truly tempting recipes. This combination of chicken parm meets pizza is super[…]

Reaper and Pepperoni Chicken Parm Panini

Believe it or not, National Picnic Day is April 23rd. Some years, it’s just so difficult to believe that it will be warm enough to sit outside and eat already. But, you can absolutely make the most of it when you add some fire to the mix. Not literally, of[…]

Reaper Sriracha Bacon Potato Salad

Not everyone can make it out to Coachella, but that’s unlikely to stop you from drooling over the food pictures posted on social media by the lucky few that do. One of the most crave-worthy has to be garlic crab fries – and we’ve made it almost sinfully easy to[…]

Coachella-esque Mad Dog Crab Fries

There is no way you can walk away from these ribs. They’ve got the heat of a Mad Dog and the tender juiciness of pork cooked in beer. Wow! On top of that, there’s the tanginess of whatever BBQ sauce you love most. Now, it does require a little bit[…]

Beer and Reaper BBQ Braised Ribs

Dangerously Delicious Dragon Noodles

These noodles make for a delicious and (almost) surprising accompaniment to steaks with delicious sauces. We’re not exactly sure why that is, but we think it’s the heat of the reaper peppers mixed with the salty soy sauce and the sweetness of the sugar. Whatever it is, these noodles would[…]

Dangerously Delicious Dragon Noodles