Like all good chili heads, you’ve got everything from can’t take this one seriously to way, way too serious. You’ll have reaper sauces and habanero sauces mixed with extracts, purees and powders. And, it’s f***ing hard to limit yourself to just one.

Addicted? Do Something about Those (Hot Sauce) Bottles Now

We’re fast coming up on April which is – above all – National Grilled Cheese month. And, while it’s better to have a whole month of grilled cheese, no one is waiting for April to indulge. Not us anyhow. And, no one limits themselves to just grilled cheese, do they?[…]

Cheese, Glorious Cheese (and Plenty of Hot Sauce Too)

Between New Year’s and Easter, there just aren’t enough party days on the calendar. So, why not celebrate the Irish with a Guinness and a parade?

Making the Most of Irish Food

We’ve got eleven killer meatball recipes that make the most of our Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauces, Peppers and Extracts. This National Meatball Day (on the 9th of March), maybe it’s time you met a few of them.

National Meatball Day? Yes Please

Hung over? You want this. Big day at work? You want this. Tuesday morning? You want this. And, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll only want this for breakfast. (Though it’s a definite must for breakfast-in-bed mornings.) Prepare yourself for near-constant cravings. That’s why you’ll make the full recipe[…]

Barking Mad Breakfast Burrito