Serve this when you’ve got friends over to watch the game – or just because they’re freaking delicious. One bite and you’ll instantly be digging for more and fighting over the last french fry on the plate.

Golden Game Day Fries

We don’t suggest waiting until National Nachos Day on November 6th to enjoy these Mad Dog nachos. These are way too good to wait for. There’s just something about the way our Gold Edition Hot Sauce lends itself to the chicken when combined with the lime juice. It’s not just[…]

Golden Chicken and Cheese Nachos

Nope, you’ve not tasted carnitas like this before. We can promise that. In addition to a serious splash of Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition Hot Sauce, we’ve added a bottle of beer. It is, after all, National Beer Lovers’ Day on 7 September. But, of course, it’s the super ease[…]

Mad Dog Gold and Beer Braised Carnitas

Believe it or not, but July is National Baked Beans month. And, this recipe certainly makes it worth picking up a few cans of baked beans next time you’re out. It’s got everything you need for a comfort meal that you’ll crave all year round (no matter what the weather).[…]

Golden Baked Bean Cottage Pies