Mini Bite-You-Back Bacon and Egg

These small bites are perfect for the weekend; after all, they have all things that are good. Okay, they do require a few steps, but they go fast (almost as fast as each egg cup will disappear). And, let’s face it, this is the kind of breakfast you always want[…]

Mini Bite-You-Back Bacon and Egg Cups

drunken fiery veggie chili

There’s no reason to trade incredible flavor when you’re trying to cut excesses from your diet. Okay, okay, we know you believe the alcohol in this vegetarian chili doesn’t seem terribly healthy, but most of the alcohol content boils off so you’re just left with the incredible flavor. And yes,[…]

Drunken Fiery Veggie Chili

Speedy Skillet Mad Dog Meatloaf

No time to make a mouth-wateringly meat main dish? Think again. These mini meatloaves take a fraction of the time as a full one. Better still, the Mad Dog Tequila Extract packs a serious punch of flavor in the meatloaf and the gravy. Never mind short on time days like[…]

Speedy Skillet Mad Dog Meatloaf


Ready to simultaneously set your mouth on fire and refresh your taste buds on a hot summer night? Of course you are. And, of course you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy sangria. What’s special about this recipe? It’s got a bite and a half, but it all[…]

Mad Dog’s Peach Tea Sangria

Mad Dog Margaritas  You know you’ve been waiting for this recipe. It’s only obvious that you should blend some Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Extract Tequila Edition with everything else you need for a tasty margarita. And, we’ve finally obliged with this brilliantly fiery cocktail. This recipe makes two margaritas[…]

Mad Dog Margaritas