There are few things more naturally perfect for dealing with hangovers than a Bloody Mary. No really; it’s got everything from easily digestible vitamins (tucked deep inside the tomato juice so you don’t even realize it) to the…

Perfecting Your Bloody Mary (and Why You Should)

These wings are truly wicked – and maybe the best way to enjoy chicken – whether you eat them on National Chicken Wing Day (July 29th) or not. And they’re so amazingly delicious, that we don’t see the point in waiting. While this recipe (which serves roughly 8 to 10[…]

Wicked Bloody Mary Wings

Craving a cheesesteak on a warm day? Want to treat dad for Father’s Day? Just need something simple and tasty that whips up quickly? This recipe for four does it all. And it’s got a slight burn, complements of Mad Dog. As you can guess, there’s nothing more you could[…]

Philly Cheese and Fiery Tequila Steak Foil Packs

Bring You to Your Knees New Years Champagne

There’s nothing like champagne to ring in the New Year, is there? And this recipe takes celebrating to a whole new level. We’ve added a favorite Mad Dog extract to a combination of champagne and gin along with a splash of sweet and sour. The result? An intoxicating New Year’s […]

Bring You to Your Knees Champagne

Bacon and Tequila-Cream Mash - C

There is nothing that you want to serve more than this at Thanksgiving this year. It ticks all the right boxes and lacks for nothing (except maybe some cheese, and you’re absolutely welcome to stir that in with the sour cream if you want). The blend of ghost peppers and[…]

Bacon and Tequila-Cream Mash