Like all good chili heads, you’ve got everything from can’t take this one seriously to way, way too serious. You’ll have reaper sauces and habanero sauces mixed with extracts, purees and powders. And, it’s f***ing hard to limit yourself to just one.

Addicted? Do Something about Those (Hot Sauce) Bottles Now

It seemed like a good idea to go out every night for the last month when you were in the groove. Now you’re broke and you’ve got major tests ahead of you. We’re not pretending you’ll retain that information any longer than the exam, But what we can help with is a little stamina to make your cram session slightly fun and it’ll definitely keep you awake.

Cram for that Exam

Peanut soup is traditionally an African soup, which may lead you to believe that should have some Bird’s Eye Chili in it. But, we changed up this recipe for 4 people with some Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce for some seriously stellar results. Don’t believe it? We dare[…]

Ghost Pepper Peanut Soup

This is gumbo the way you’ve always wanted it to be, but haven’t yet found on the menu anywhere. The secret, of course, is the Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce – and we suggest adding in as much as you can handle. The recipe, which serves 8 people[…]

Ghostly Gumbo

This might just be one of the most versatile recipes you’ll ever come across. It’s great for a filling dinner, or you can pack it into lunchbox containers and take it to work with you. If you really wanted, you could pack it for a picnic or bring it to[…]

Chicken and Ghost Pepper Yakisoba