Creamy polenta and sausage with peppers and some serious Mad Dog kick? Yep, we got all that here. And, you’ll be grateful for the creamy, cheesy polenta on your plate once you bite into one of our scorpion pepper pods. This is just the sort of recipe that you need[…]

Mad Dog Sausage and Pepper Polenta

We know a good brisket takes time, but don’t let that stop you from making this recipe ASAP. Tender meat mixed with all the heat of scorpion peppers are just the first reasons you should make this recipe this very weekend (or on National Beer Lovers’ Day on 7 September).[…]

Scorpion and Beer Braised Brisket

National Barbecue Day is May 16th and the best way to celebrate always requires firing up the grill – whether it’s the first time of the season or you’ve already given yours a workout this year. And, you also need to stay away from the same old hotdogs and hamburgers[…]

Scorpion BBQ Chicken Skewers

Amazing. This recipe is simply amazing. We feel like we may need to repeat that again and again until you give it a go. It’s got stunning flavors that blend beautifully in the pot, creating an awesome base for the heat of our Mad Dog 357 Scorpion Pepper Pods. Don’t[…]

Scorpion and Shrimp Scampi Risotto

Spicy Scorpion Extravaganza Pizza

October is National Pizza Month – and that means there’s no better time to make an over the top pizza that will cure all your cravings. And this is just the pizza to do it. The combination of meats is enough to make any meat lover sing (and you really[…]

Spicy Scorpion Extravaganza Pizza