Caldo is the Spanish word for broth or soup. And there may be no better way to enjoy a bowl of soup – or leftover carnitas – than this recipe right here. It’s unbelievably delicious and super easy to pull together – as long as you’ve prepared some carnitas in[…]

Crazy Hot Carnitas Caldo

These nachos are truly loaded, but it’s the Mad Dog 357 Reaper Pepper Pods that make this undeniably, deliciously, addictively outstanding. Sure, everything else lends to this – otherwise you just couldn’t call these “loaded” – but it’s all starts and ends with the glorious burn of the reapers. As[…]

Reaper Loaded Nachos

If you’re holding out for National Hot Dog Day on September 10th, you may as well make these hot dogs to celebrate. But, there’s not a chance we’ll ever be able to wait for a special occasion now that we’ve tasted these. You should expect to watch everyone sopping up[…]

Reaper Nachos Mad (Hot) Dogs

Need to feed a party this Cinco de Mayo? You’ll get 16 flaming hot enchiladas from this incredible recipe – and they’ll be gobbled up immediately. Sure, it takes a little time to put it all together, but it’s quite an incredible blend of flavors with Mad Dog at the[…]

Reaper Chicken Enchiladas

Searingly Addictive Breakfast Sausage Sandwiches

You may think you need to keep these on hand for those rushed mornings when you really need a solid breakfast but you’re already late. (We’re not going to talk about what you did the night before.) But, we also know that you’ll always need these on hand in your[…]

Searingly Addictive Sausage Sandwiches