There’s always plenty of bird leftover after Thanksgiving. Turkeys are just so big. Of course you’re going to make some soup with it. And this is one of the best. We chalk it up to the ghost peppers in our Boomslang hot sauce. It just brings through all the awesome[…]

Booming Turkey Soup


It’s football season and that means you need to start making burgers in the oven rather than on the grill. It only makes sense to turn towards a burger that needs the oven to become the perfect temptation during any game. The truth is, this inside-out bacon cheese burgers are[…]

Inside-Out Boomslang Burgers

Boomslang Pork Fried Rice

You could get it from a take-out restaurant, but once you taste this pork fried rice, you’ll need to keep all the ingredients on hand at all times. This recipe serves about four as main dish, though you could use it as a base for a crowd and top it[…]

Boomslang Pork Fried Rice

Roaring Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

Before winter slips into memory, you’ve got to try this gorgeous soup. The blend of flavors will make you wonder why you haven’t been eating it all day, every day for the past several months. Now, this recipe will make enough for two people, but you may just want to[…]

Roaring Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

Are you ready for some playoff action? Want to taste an exquisite blend of Mad Dog, Mediterranean flavors, and the good ‘ol fashioned sandwich? Of course you do! And this quick to prepare lunch will wow everyone at this weekend. (And it makes an incredible snack for later). Feel free[…]

Mad Dog’s Mediterranean Sandwich