!?***!?!… Sorry, we’re not sure you’re ready for the words we want to use to describe these snack sandwiches. They’re that freaking good. Gooey cheese, a touch of ranch, chicken, bacon, and best of all…

Boomslang Bacon and Chicken Ranch Sliders

These double cheeseburgers a big, they’re messy, and you’ll get plenty of Boomslang in every bite. We’ve added it to every single element of this recipe to truly take advantage of all the flavor it adds – as well as the heat. This recipe for  is simply decadent, so we[…]

Boomslang Double Nacho Cheeseburgers

Yep, this is breakfast done right. It’s everything you want in a breakfast sandwich, all covered with melty cheese and plenty of heat from our Mad Dog 357 Boomslang Hot Sauce. Is there anything you don’t love about this recipe for 4 panini sandwiches? We didn’t think so. Really, this[…]

Boomslang Breakfast Panini

Did you know there was a National Baked Beans Month? July is the proud host to this classic dish. By classic, we absolutely recognize that there’s no hard and fast rules for making baked beans, but this is the style we love – plenty of meat to accompany the beans[…]

Burning Boomslang Baked Beans

Sizzling Sausage and Cheese Sliders

Whether you choose to go with pre-cooked sausages, or you toss bratwurst on the grill, this slider sandwich will give you a whole new level of sausage appreciation. Really, it’s the Mad Dog mixed into the ketchup, but these sliders are so addictive that you’ll find yourself making them week[…]

Sizzling Sausage and Cheese Sliders