5 Pro Tips for Creating Hot Sauces at Home


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We’re just assuming the answer is yes. Because, hot sauce = good.

Making hot sauce at home is a freaking delicious and fiery challenge. Sometimes you get it right on the first try (just as we did with our Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Hot Sauce) – and sometimes it’s, erm, let’s call it trial and error.

But, there are a few rules that’ll make it way easier to get the best results with fewer trials and fewer errors.

  1. Start with simple peppers or purees

Hell yeah, you want a hot sauce filled with fire and freaky flavors you can’t get enough of.

But… you should start with something cheap and easy for your first batch unless you’re following a recipe you’ve tried before.

We know you’re going to add more chilies and maybe a drop or two of extract, cause that’s just who you are. A simple start gives you a chance to expand from a base recipe over time.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of vinegar

The best hot sauces make the most of fruit and veggies – chiefly chili peppers. And you totally want these elements to shine through; they’re the star of the show.

But… besides the flavor vinegar imparts, it’s also a natural preservative and will help you keep your hot sauce longer.

Spend plenty of time tasting vinegars to find the one that tastes like it melts in the chili peppers or purees rather than shocks it into shape. And, one of the best times to taste is while the air is thick with the smell of roasting chili peppers.

  • Try everything once

Roasting peppers yields a different hot sauce than chopped and boiled peppers. You won’t get a huge variation in intensity,

But… you will find a flavor profile for your hot sauce that’s all your own.

Try roasting peppers, tomatoes and garlic, and then try dry-frying them to see which version fits your palate better. And, yeah, try a few shortcuts (like canned tomatoes) too. You’ll learn what you can live with and what’s important for your sauce.

  • But don’t overdo it with the options

Try to make one change at a time. Don’t make drastic changes between batches; you won’t know where you went wrong if it’s not your best attempt.

But… if you know you need smoked paprika and a dash of extract and a different mustard mixed in – go for it.

Really, it’s your hot sauce and you can choose to toss it or toss it on everything if you love it. If you’re looking for perfect though, it’s one change at a time.

  • Wear gloves

Seriously. We don’t think there’s even a “but” that goes with this. You’re not going to ever love a hot sauce which left you with stinging hands… or worse. Don’t be a fool; wrap it up as you work.

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