The heat will blow you away, even as the cheese wraps you in its loving embrace. That with some bacon makes this damn perfect as a dip. Not only that, you’ll spend basically no time preparing it (and it actually doesn’t freeze that badly either)

Super Scoville Bacon Cheese Dip

Between New Year’s and Easter, there just aren’t enough party days on the calendar. So, why not celebrate the Irish with a Guinness and a parade?

Making the Most of Irish Food

Serve this when you’ve got friends over to watch the game – or just because they’re freaking delicious. One bite and you’ll instantly be digging for more and fighting over the last french fry on the plate.

Golden Game Day Fries

Addicted to the burning flesh of chili peppers? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. If you answered no, you fall in the minority… but there’s hope for you yet.

Don’t Be a Fool; Wrap It Up