These little piggies are the perfect snack for… any time. No really. Can you imagine them with breakfast? How about with a beer before a late dinner? Wish you would open a packed lunch to find these?

No Escape Pigs in a Blanket

Like all good chili heads, you’ve got everything from can’t take this one seriously to way, way too serious. You’ll have reaper sauces and habanero sauces mixed with extracts, purees and powders. And, it’s f***ing hard to limit yourself to just one.

Addicted? Do Something about Those (Hot Sauce) Bottles Now

It’s believed that 45 million Americans attempt a diet every year. That’s a good thing as national statistics also state that one in three adult Americans are obese; not just overweight, but obese. Something needs to change – and, clearly, many people want to start their healthier lives by changing up their diets.

Chili Peppers: Good for Every Diet

!?***!?!… Sorry, we’re not sure you’re ready for the words we want to use to describe these snack sandwiches. They’re that freaking good. Gooey cheese, a touch of ranch, chicken, bacon, and best of all…

Boomslang Bacon and Chicken Ranch Sliders