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1 Kilo Reaper Pepper Powder 2.2 Lbs

1 Kilo Reaper Pepper Powder 2.2 Lbs
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The Carolina Reaper was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the hottest pepper in the world as ranked by Scoville Units out-ranking the Moruga Scorpion.

People describe Carolina Reaper as having a distinctive smokey taste with a slow and steady increase in spiciness. Using only a small amount will add a significant amount of satisfying spiciness.

Our Carolina Reaper Powder is delicious and tremendously spicy - a small dash can easily be used in most dishes.

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At Ashley Food Company, we do one thing. We make great-tasting and award-winning hot sauces, extreme hot sauces and pepper extracts. We make each sauce in hand-measured, small batches to ensure incredible flavor and quality. All of our products are made in the USA, using only the finest, all-natural ingredients.

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