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357 Mad Dog Silver Collector's Edition Hot Sauce 1-5 Fl. Oz.

357 Mad Dog Silver Collector's Edition Hot Sauce 1-5 Fl. Oz.
New World's Record For Hottest Sauce

357 Mad Dog Collector’s Silver

That's the 357 Mad Dog Collector’s Silver Edition packing 750,000 sizzlin' Scoville units, along with the heavy weight crown of the World's Hottest Hot Sauce ever made. Sporting an oh-so-apropos golden bullet on a key chain fastened to the bottle of this killer concoction, makes this hotter than hot sauce a very cool collectable.
5 FL. OZ.
Do ya feel lucky punk?
Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Chile Extract, evaporated cane juice, fresh habanero peppers, garlic, onion, 160,000 scoville cayenne pepper, spices and xanthan gum.

Due to The Extreme Nature of These Products, Please read the following disclaimer.

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SKU 357S1
Weight 1.00 lbs
Market price: $25.00
Our price: $21.99

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jeff
    I have had the hottest sauce at Buffalo Wildwings and liked it. 357 is sooooo much hotter that a swipe of a toothpick across my sandwich bite was genuinely unpleasant. Kudos to the company!!
  • Author: andrew
    if you like hot stuff that will blow your head off and make your presumably dead body smoke, this is the sauce for you.
  • Author: Elvad
    I can eat Jalapenos like pickles, most hot stuff does not phase me at all. This is an unreal, unbelievably hot sauce, like nothing I have ever had before. Well done!
  • Author: ian
    This sauce is the most ridiculous hot sauce I've ever eaten i put just a drop on my food and when say drop i mean very tiny and almost instantly was sweating and tearing. I'm quite content with my scorching purchase
  • Author: kenk
    Words cannot describe... Finally, a hot sauce that I can truly fear.
    That little brass spoon attached to the bottle has a capacity of 5 mg. Thank Gawd I only tried that much. After about an hour, it only burned like hell.

    I figure the 145 ml bottle will last 40 years. Will bequeath it to my survivors.

    Get any on your fingers? Before you pick your nose, rub your eye, or take out your contacts, a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) does a nice job of removing the capsaicin.
  • Author: UK Chris
    Good - Man, it's just SO HOT! Bad - It tastes like an ashtray.
  • Author: WBX
    357 tastes AWESOME on a Fire House Subs New York Steamer! Is it addicting? The more I eat 357, the more I want! Great Sauce!!
  • Author: Erin
    Mad dog products have the flavor and the heat i'm looking for in a hot sauce!One bottle of 357 gold lasted me one full year.Time to step it up!Mad Dog 357 silver
  • Author: erin davenport (erindavenport@rocketmail.com)
    The worlds hottest condiment is now my favorite all time..Im getting used to it fast,years of training have brought me to this point...All Hail David Ashley
  • Author: Gareth
    Heh, I just found out after reading here that the little bullet does infact contain a tiny spoon! I just tried it for the first time tonight pouring a few splashes into a Thai Curry, it was fiery hot with every bite! I love it. If you put a drop on your tongue pure it literally feels like it is dissolving in heat, it will take about 25 - 30 mins to fully abate.
  • Author: ucdtmaflay
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  • Author: S.Woodcock
    Bought this sauce in the search for a thrill, and that ultimate chilli high! Nothing I have tried before has ever made me want to tear through 4 pints of milk afterwards, and after a good half an hour of this liquid death, laughing was all that could make it bearable. A word of advice, however, as I write this a good 20 hours after consumption, I am reliving the chilli experience as a nightmare as I am exciled to the thrones at the local mcdonalds. Truly incredible sauce, the intense flavour and a kick up the arse (literally) 10/10!

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